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- May 2019 -

Contruck Trucking and Transport Montréal special equipment division has been very busy during the spring thaw servicing the clients who couldn’t be flexible in reducing the weight of their shipments to abide to the spring thaw period regulations. With the spring thaw being over on May 24th, we expect our workload will shift back to our regular trucking division. We invite you to reach out to us with your trucking needs, Contruck Trucking will be glad to assist you.

- April 2019 -

Contruck Trucking and Transport Montréal would like to remind our customers about the spring thaw. As per government of Quebec, the dates are as follows (subject to change depending on weather conditions):

Zone 1
From Monday, March 25(00:01) to Friday, May 17 (23:59)
Zone 2
From Monday, April 1 (00:01) to Friday, May 24 (23:59)
Zone 3
From Monday, April 15 (00: 01) to Friday, May 24 (23:59)

The maximum legal weight per 20’ container is at 20,000 kgs and per 40’ container is at 23,000 kgs.

- March 2019 -

Contruck Transport and trucking Canada wishes to notify its clients of the New and Revised Spring Thaw Target dates for 2019.

Zone 1 (dates revised on March 11, 2019)
From Monday, March 25(00:01) to Friday, May 24 (23:59)
Zone 2
From Monday, March 25 (00:01) to Friday, May 24 (23:59)
Zone 3
From Monday, March 25 (00: 01) to Friday, May 24 (23:59)

Please note that the target dates represent the most likely start and end dates of the thaw period for each of the three zones. Depending on the changes in weather conditions, these dates may be moved ahead or postponed.

- February 2019 -

Thaw period - target dates

The ministry reminds users of heavy vehicles and shippers that the authorized load limits are reduced during the thaw period on all public roads. This is done every year to account for the road network’s lower bearing capacity during this period.

For the thaw period of 2019, the target start and end dates of the load restriction period for each of the thaw zones are indicated below.

Target dates for 2019

Zone 1
From Monday, March 11(00:01) to Friday, May 10 (23:59)
Zone 2
From Monday, March 18 (00:01) to Friday, May 17 (23:59)
Zone 3
From Monday, March 25 (00: 01) to Friday, May 24 (23:59)

Please note that the target dates represent the most likely start and end dates of the thaw period for each of the three zones. Depending on the changes in weather conditions, these dates may be moved ahead or postponed.

- February 2019 -

Contruck Trucking and Transport Montréal has been very busy to keep up with the increasing demand and performing under the extreme weather conditions. Due to the snow storms and icy roads, the normal operations were basically not possible - mechanical breakdowns, shortage of equipment and drivers, inaccessibility of some loading docks due to ice and snow.
Increase in demand has driven the prices up. Most of the trucking companies, including Contruck Trucking and Transport are operating at their capacity and now it’s becoming harder and harder to accommodate the orders on a short notice. So we ask our customers to please be proactive and book your freight in advance to avoid any delays.

- January 2019 -

Contruck trucking and transport Montréal have been busy during the holiday season with the last minute orders and rush deliveries. We also had to be proactive and organize our work well for our P and D orders to be able to secure the timely pick up of empty containers and delivery of the full containers back to the terminal bearing in mind the detention and cut offs and taking into account the holiday hours of the terminals.

We have been working on a few trucking projects during 2018 and we are hopeful they will flourish in 2019.

Reach us out at Contruck trucking and transport for your transportation needs, we will be happy to assist you.

- December 2018 -

Contruck trucking and transport Montréal would like wish all Staff, Customers and suppliers a Merry Christmas and a Successful 2019.

Thank you for making us great!

We would also like to inform everyone of the terminal hours during the Holidays:

Termont Terminal Gate Operating Hours during the Christmas and New Year Holidays 2018-2019

Montreal Gateway Terminal (Cast 77 & Racine 62) Gate Operating Hours during Christmas and New Year Holidays 2018-2019

- November 2018 -

November is seeing the volume increase in local P&Ds. The extended trucking opening hours at the different Montréal port terminals give the drivers more flexibility in returning export and picking up import containers in a timely manner without compromising deadlines. Agricultural season is picking up, and our trucking division is preparing to cover extra demand in local P&Ds in the upcoming winter months.
Give us a call to inquire about our services and rates.
We will provide you with the package rates that will suit your needs, according to your volume and your specific product.

- October 2018 -

Our trucking division, Contruck Trucking, has been following the lead and has prepared its fleet for winter.
We expect the demand for trucking to increase during the next few months due to the upcoming holiday season, and we want to make sure we are ready to service our customers at our best. You are welcome to contact us for you trucking needs – whether it is a legal size cargo or over-dimensional freight, we will find the optimum solution for you.

- September 2018 -

Contruck trucking and transport Montreal announces that Termont terminal follows MGT charging $35/container full import and export as of September 17th.

This fee will be billed to trucking companies using all port terminals.
We shall add this fee to all our current and future rates as of September 17th, 2018

- September 2018 -

Effective September 17th, 2018, MGT is applying a $35 Terminal Efficiency Fee applicable to all full import and full export containers.

Our tariffs will be increased by this fee if our pricing does include pick ups or drop offs at the Port of Montreal.

We will advise if Termont is following suit if and when they announce such fee.

- August 2018 -

Contruck trucking and transport Montreal has seen container and van volume increasing during the month of August.

New tariffs have not slowed down the growth of the volume throughout Quebec, Ontario and neighbouring US States.

Call us for rates applicable to your traffics from/to the port of Montreal.

- July 2018 -

Contruck trucking Transport and Logistics Montreal (a division of East Coast Commodities), has been compelled to adjust its pricing across the board effective June 1st, 2018.

The adjustment comes as a result of:

We expect rates to continue in an upward trend if above most pressing financial factors continue to progress further.

Please call us now to lock your rates until the end of 2018.

- June 2018 -

Contruck transport and trucking Montreal, Quebec, is taking advantage of the warmer weather to overhaul its entire fleet during the summer months and be ready for the winter.

Contruck transport and trucking Montreal is also adding new equipment to the fleet.

Call us to find out what we can do to help your business grow.

- May 2018 -

Spring thaw is officially over in Quebec as of May 25th and cargo flows are increasing a great deal as a result.

Pls be sure to contact us for new rates, terms and conditions.

- April 2018 -

Spring Thaw restrictions in Quebec are still effective till May 4th, 2018.
At Contruck trucking and transport Montreal, we are using our special Spring Thaw chassis equipment to the fullest in order to cope with the current high demand to haul containers and intermodals in the greater Montreal area as well as throughout Quebec and Ontario.

Contact us for special equipment rates if your loads are on the heavier side.

- March 2018 -

Important Notice

Please be advised that the Quebec Ministry of Transport has just released the 2018 Spring Thaw Period For Quebec as follows:

Zone 1 will include CP and CN Montreal rail Heads as well as the Port of Montreal.

It is also important to note that the weight restrictions not only apply to the total cargo weight in the container and its tare but also to the distribution of the weight over the axles of the chassis.
If the weight is not distributed evenly across all axles, the container will then be subject to an axle overloading fine. All charges will be for the account of the shipper.
Start and end dates by zone are subject to change, without notice, depending on weather conditions.

Please consult the Quebec Ministry of Transport website for the most up-to-date information: https://www.transports.gouv.qc.ca/fr/entreprises-partenaires/ent-camionnage/degel/Pages/Periode-dedegel.aspx

For further information concerning Spring Thaw regulations please contact us.

- February 2018 -

The winter months have affected road conditions in Quebec and Ontario. This has caused heavy delays practically everywhere (port terminals, rail heads, heavy traffic everywhere, road closures, etc ...).
Our Montreal trucking and transport company has still managed to deliver all loads within Quebec and Ontario in a reasonable time frame for all our customers.

Just as a reminder, Quebec Spring Thaw is around the corner. DOT may come up any day now with weight restrictions without any warning. We suggest you get prepared and start arranging your loads with us to avoid disappointments and frustrations (like last year when it caught everyone by surprise the announcement 1 month before the usual time and with few days to prepare).

Call us to find out how we can help.

- January 2018 -

The year has started with extremely low temperatures and heavy snow falls. This has slowed down deliveries and pick ups throughout Canada and USA.

We will keep you posted about your shipments, however please call us to book your freight shipments since volumes seem to be higher than usual these days.

Contruck trucking and transport Montreal wish you a Fantastic and successful 2018.

Thank you for your amazing support during 2017. We look forward to serve you in 2018.

- December 2017 -

Contruck Trucking and Transport Montreal wish all a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2018 filled with Health and Success

- October & November 2017 -

Contruck trucking and transport Montréal volume has increased notably during October and November.

As a result of our increased volumes in 2017, Contruck trucking and transport Montréal is getting ready for an increase in power and chassis in 2018.

- September 2017 -

Trucking and transport in Montreal and its greater area has been quite busy this month.
Contruck trucking and transport has doubled its volume just during the month of September.

Call us for rates, terms and conditions.

- August 2017 -

Volumes have been picking up during the month of August, this is a sign of what is to come starting September.
Contruck Trucking and transport Montreal is ready to face the fall. All our equipment has been maintained during the summer and now it is ready for another season.

Pls contact us with your inquiries for trucking and transport from and to Montreal throughout Quebec and Ontario.

- July 2017 -

At Contruck trucking Transport Montreal, we are scheduling our usual summer maintenance and repair of all our truck fleet and chassis, van equipment. Preparing our trucks and equipment for the harsh Canadian winters is our priority, so during this month will rotate the trucks and equipment to make sure they are all up to par.

Call us for rates for any of your loads.

The Contruck team would like to wish a Happy 150th to all Canadians.

- June 2017 -

Latest Update June 2017


Please take note that Cont-Truck Transport will be closed Monday, June 26, 2017 for St-Jean Baptiste Day.

- - - - -

Contruck Trucking and Transport Montreal has seen steady growth this month as a result of the ending of the Spring Thaw back in May. Roads in affected flood areas seem to be back to normal and volumes are now flowing more steadily.

Call us for rates to secure your import or export loads throughout Quebec and Ontario.

- May 2017 -

Contruck trucking and transport operation has picked up this month as a result of the ending of the Spring Thaw.

Floods in the west area of Montreal have affected delivery appointments for cargo bound to these areas due to road closures. However the rest of Montreal including the Port terminals and the rail heads are working fine and no major delays are observed or expected.

We will keep you posted of major changes during the flood situation.

Please note that your loads will NOT be subject to the extra Quad charge effective May 6th 12:01 AM.

- April 2017 -

Latest Update April/2017

Please note that new Spring Thaw Ending Date as per latest update from DOT Quebec is May 5th, 2017.
Please contact us if you have any questions or if your shipments are affected by the new extended 2017 Spring Thaw Period.

- - - - -

Road conditions have improved a great deal since last month’s heavy snow storm and Contruck transport and trucking Montreal is back on track since March 24th. All pickups and deliveries are delivered as scheduled.

No matter how light or heavy your load is Contruck can delivered them all.

Call us to get rates for regular or special equipment to carry your load !

- March 2017 -

Quebec Spring Thaw started effectively February 27th and it still is scheduled to last till April 13th, 2017.

Contruck Trucking and Transport Montreal has been extremely busy hauling overweight loads with the appropriate equipment between end of February and most of the first half of month of March. Sudden Spring Thaw announcement and heavy snow falls have made it very difficult for clients to sort their shipments out. Between ECC and CTT we have managed to deliver all loads within a reasonable time frame bearing in mind the circumstances.

Everything now seems to be on track with hopefully no more sudden surprises this month …

- February 2017 -

Contruck Trucking and Transport Montreal has a fleet of chassis that can accommodate your loads During Spring Thaw.

Please contact us for information and rates applicable during this period (February 27th to April 28th, 2017).

- January 2017 -

Despite road conditions and weather issues, Contruck Transport Montreal has been able to plan well all the pick-up and deliveries. As a result we have had not many delays to report.

Volumes have been a bit lower this month due to the Holidays however February bookings are already showing nicer numbers.

We encourage you to call us and give us your plans for February and March So we can prepare a proposal for you.

Wishing you ALL a very Happy 2017.

- December 2016 -

A combination of tough road conditions with harsh temperatures during this month has caused few truck break downs and some delays in appointments and deliveries. However since all clients were duly notified of the possibility of transport delays throughout Montreal and Montreal Greater area as well as Quebec and Ontario, everything got well covered and all containers were picked up and delivered the same day.

We expect road conditions and harsh weather to continue throughout this month so some delays are expected.

View upcoming Holidays we also expect delays at the different terminals before Christmas and New Year hence Pick-up and delivery of full and empty containers May be slower than usual.

We will keep, as usual, our customers duly informed of the situation.

The Contruck Transport Team would like to wish all our customers a Merry Christmas and a Fantastic 2017. Thank you so much for your confidence in us and look forward to another successful year together.

- November 2016 -

Thanks to the steady volumes generated by East Coast Commodities, our equipment in Montreal was busy and well balanced between imports and exports.

We can feel the rush before year end as bookings increased steadily during this month. The new container handler available now at our yard, has helped maximize our chassis very effectively.

As we expect terminal congestions during the Christmas and New year Holidays, we ask our customers to plan import and export appointments well ahead to ensure smooth deliveries to the port.

- October 2016 -

With the addition of another container handler at our facility in Montreal, we can now transport and store your full containers in our Montreal yard and save you money in storage charges.

Contact us for package rates including local transport pick up and delivery as well as storage charges for your import or export loads through Montreal.

- September 2016 -

Our Montreal transport and trucking division reports that September has been a much more balanced month between imports and exports, as export volumes have picked up throughout Quebec and Ontario this month.

We expect this trend to continue till at least end of the year.

Call us for pricing, we can secure all your import/export transport loads with ease.

- August 2016 -

Trucking this month has been particularly busy preparing for the XMAS import rush which we expect to go on longer. Thereafter the exports will kick in strong as usual and we expect to have quite a balanced import/export flow.

Call us for our competitive transport rates in the Montreal area or throughout Quebec and Ontario.

- July 2016 -

Contruck Trucking and Transport Montreal, would like to inform our valued customers that, as already informed individually to all concerned, we are experiencing heavy delays at the different terminals in Montreal.
As a result, waiting time fees will apply for pick-ups (full or empty containers) or deliveries that will delay more than 2 hours at the terminals. So far until end of June, Contruck has been absorbing these delays but we will not as of July 1st, 2016.

Please contact us for more information on this issue: terminals involved, average waiting times, etc.

- June 2016 -

Contruck Transport is now in the process of starting its summer equipment maintenance to ensure all our trucks, chassis and vans are in perfect condition to face the winter months.

Volumes keep steady although on the low side for a typical month of June, hence we are now accepting more inter-province loads.

Please call us for our summer pricing.

- May 2016 -

Quebec Spring Thaw finishes during the month of May (Montreal Greater Area on May 13th) and no more weight restrictions are in place to haul heavy loads in Quebec.

We can offer you our modern fleet of tandem and tri-axel chassis at the usual rates to haul your cargo.

Contact us now for pricing, you will save "loads" of money !

- April 2016 -

Spring Thaw restrictions are still on throughout this month and are expected to end May 13th in the Montreal area. We will keep our customers updated in case D.O.T. changes the ending date.

We have had a surge in transportation from and to CP and CN rail heads as we are able to carry heavy loads with our 53’ Quad chassis. This has helped exporters and importers outside Quebec to maximize their loads to and from Montreal ramps achieving great savings using Contruck transportation system in Montreal.

If you have a heavy load during Spring Thaw, let us know, we can help.

- March 2016 -

Our transport volumes throughout Quebec and Ontario have kept steady during this month as a result of our flexibility to offer special chassis during the Spring Thaw Period which started March 15th in Montreal.

We encourage you to call us for rates applicable on special chassis and quads if you require us to haul extra weights.

Wishing you ALL a Happy Easter!
The Contruck Team

- February 2016 -

Our trucking operations from our Montreal hub have been fluid and steady this month.

We faced minor delays during extreme weather conditions in Quebec and Ontario however we were able to catch up and deliver all daily loads without incidents.

Please contact us soon for pricing if you wish to reserve “Quad-chassis” chassis during Quebec Spring Thaw, otherwise our tri-axel chassis fleet is always at your disposal.

Contact us for rates, terms and conditions during the Quebec Spring Thaw.

- January 2016 -

After overcoming the challenges of the snow storm hitting Quebec and Ontario over the XMAS Holidays, Contruck Transport fleet has started the New Year well and all loads are being delivered timely and without major interruptions.

Weather in January may be challenging however we expect road deliveries to be smooth with the occasional delay due to extreme weather days during this month.

Will keep you, as usual, updated daily by email, phone of any challenges as we encounter them.

Wish you all a Fantastic 2016 from all os uf at Contruck Transport and Logistics.

- December 2015 -

As December is here, Contruck’s fleet and secure yard are ready to take on the usual Canadian winters for the Eastern Region.

Contact us with your inquiries no matter how big or small. We are here to serve you during the winter no matter how tough.

Wish you ALL a Merry Christmas with your Loved ones.

- November 2015 -

This month volumes have increased steadily as a result of the agricultural season being in full swing, turning into more pick up and deliveries than previous months. We are hiring more drivers and brokers to keep up with the the pre-Christmas season demand.

Stay tuned.

- October 2015 -

Contuck transport would like to wish all our customers, drivers, suppliers, brokers and our superb team in Canada a Happy Thanks Giving and those in the US a Happy Columbus Day.

Thank you so much for your continuous support. You are making Contruck happen!!!

- September 2015 -

The busy season has started and Contruck Transport fleet is busy again hauling our valuable customers goods across Quebec and Ontario.

Contact us now for our rates and services.
We will not disappoint you.

- August 2015 -

Contruck Transport’s fleet renewal in Montreal is still under way. We are in our final phase and we should be all “revamped” by end of this month.

All CTT’s trucks, chassis and trailers in Montreal are ready for the safe transportation of your merchandise.
Give us a call to find out more about our transport coverage from and to Montreal to and from all over Quebec, Canada and various points in the USA.

- July 2015 -

Cont-Truck Transport would like to remind to all customers that loads bound from and to US points will NOT be available for carriage/delivery on July 4th due to festivities throughout USA (Independence Day).

- June 2015 -

Our transport operations in Montreal and throughout Quebec and Canada will be closed on:
- June 24th due to (Quebec Provincial Holiday)
- July 1st (due to Canada National Holiday)

Contruck Transport (a division of East Coast Commodities) Montreal is re-vamping its fleet of trucks, chassis and vans during the month of June.

We are retiring the older units and acquiring newer ones in an ongoing effort to keep our overall costs down and remain competitive to all our loyal clients in the Canadian market.

No matter how big or small, every load matters.
Please call us and check our competitive pricing and range of services.

- May 2015 -

During the month of May Contruck transport deliveries throughout Canada and USA have been steady and without major disruptions due to stable weather conditions.
Only Quebec transport for heavy loads was restricted to quad chassis deliveries due to Spring thaw which ends in June.

As from next month, clients can re-start their heavier load traffics with Contruck Transport using with our tri-axel chassis fleet. Savings are on the way !
Of course we can still offer our Quads for those loads that require it.

- April 2015 -

Spring is here !!!

Volumes over the road are improving and our fleet of tri-axel chassis will be able to carry your loads during the spring thaw that otherwise would be assigned to tandems (see our March news with spring the restrictions).

The Contruck team wishes those who celebrate, a Happy Easter !!!


- March 2015 -

2015 Quebec Spring Thaw

The Ministère des Transports du Québec reminds heavy vehicle users and shippers that, as each year, authorized load limits are reduced during the spring thaw period in order to take into account the weaker load bearing capacity of the road network during that period.

The starting and ending dates of the load restriction period may be adjusted depending on weather conditions.

Please visit the MOT website for further information.

The weight restriction period for Montreal Zone 1 area will run from March 30th to May 29th.
Zones 2 and 3 from April 6th to June 5th.

These are approximate dates and as noted above could change.

Weights must be reduced and cargo evenly distributed within the container to avoid possible charges and fines.

Below weight limitations are provided as a general guideline.

Transport Québec may adjust these dates depending on weather conditions.

Below are examples of payload weight limitations observed by major carriers for containers moving direct truck off the port of Montreal:

Note: These weights are provided as general guidelines only. Higher weights are possible, but subject to additional charges and equipment availability.

Detailed description and map of the zones are available on Transports Québec's website (French only):

Please note rail terminals in Quebec will refuse to accept and/or handle any containers that exceed the Spring Thaw Weight limitations.

For further information, please contact us.

- February 2015 -

2015 Quebec Spring Thaw

The Quebec Ministry of Transportation has announced the 2015 spring thaw period and zones. The forecasted start and end dates of the load restrictions are specified below. Please note that these dates can be changed by the Quebec Ministry of Transportation depending on actual weather conditions and it is advisable to visit the Ministry's website (only in French) for full and updated details.

* Please note Montreal is located in Zone 1

Zone 1* Zone 2 Zone 3
Monday, March 30 (12:01 a.m.) to Friday, May 29 (11:59 p.m.) Monday, April 06 (12:01 a.m.) to Friday, June 5 (11:59 p.m.) Monday, April 06 (12:01 a.m.) to Friday, June 5 (11:59 p.m.)

Cargo that is deemed overweight may require the trucker to use extra axles which will incur additional costs.

- January 2015 -

Due to Holiday period and extreme weather in Montreal, turn around time at the Montreal terminals has been extremely slow causing heavy delays to our fleet during this month.

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